Supreme Snowboarding

The Game

Screenshots of the game are here. Videos can be found in the Hall of Fame.

Artistic races by Oleg M

Alpine Easy #1
Alpine Easy #2
Village Easy (super-fast until first checkpoint)

Special tracks by Oleg M

Alpine Easy v3 by Oleg M (guide: Oleg M 1.23.00) - video    May 9, 2012

There are at least 5 good routes in this track, but in fact there are many more routes. You can download example races here.

Software by Oleg M

(1) 27 Snowtrails

(2) High Times Analyzer
135 KB

177 KB
July 29, 2009

The High Times Analyzer shows the best times of each player in the given *_high_times.txt file (Saved_Data folder), including best times on each checkpoint and on each of three parts or the track. You can use this information to see where and how much you should improve to be faster than others.

The updated version of the High Times Analyzer calculates the "Common Virtual Best Time", the sum of best times of all players in the given *_high_times.txt file.

Both DOS and Windows versions included. The syntax for DOS program is:
analtime.exe short_name_of_times_file [> output_file]

Example: replay.exe Alpine~1.txt > Alpine_Tracks_Easy_high_times_stat.txt
(output file is screen by default)

(3) Rename Replays 15 KB July 20, 2009

Three DOS programs create .bat files to rename DAT files for Supreme Snowboarding.

(4) DAT Analyzer v.2.4 214 KB December 30, 2023

The DAT Analyzer (formerly Replay file analyzer) is an awesome program to extract the time information from the race dat files (Replay*.dat, Guide.dat, Demo_Replay.dat etc.). It shows the total time of the recording, start and finish time and the time at Checkpoint 1, plus the name of the player. The time of Checkpoint 2 is not stored in the DAT file. Version 1.2 also added the length of the route from start point to finish line, average and maximum speed of the player and number of breaks (crashes/pressing ESC+Return to track). The version 2.0 identifies the track that was used! Versions 2.1 to 2.4 identify more tracks added in 2021 and 2023.

Both Windows version and DOS/Console version (Replay.exe) are included. The syntax for the Console command line version:
replay.exe short name of DAT file [> output file]
or replay.exe "long name of DAT file" [> output file]

Example: replay.exe Guide.dat > Guide.txt (output file is screen by default)

(5) start3 / restart3 tools 11 KB July 08, 2011

The tools to change the DAT files to the new counting system (Project start3) when the time begins to count from the start point after 3 seconds countdown, not from start line several seconds after. These are DOS programs. Usage instructions inside archive.
(6) BIN/TGA/DAT files analyzing and converting software 77 KB April 25, 2015

DOS programs to show some information from the game's BIN and TGA files, to convert BIN files to graphical view and to show player's races as the colored visible lines in BIN or TGA files. Examples of the programs usage are in the forum. The instructions are inside the archive.

Have fun :-)

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